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Stopping only for lunch, provided by the school cafeteria, we worked assiduously, spurred on by banter and comraderie, until our mission was accomplished. The Principal of the school, in expressing her gratitude for the intervention by the IDB, noted that the aesthetically improved classrooms had created an environment which is much more conducive to learning and teaching.

The Project was well executed and resonated well with the main goals of the Association; promoting social projects that benefit the community where they live and building comraderie among its members.

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It's safe to say that everyone deserved a relaxing Sunday, and that's exactly what they did! Our second full weekend in Chile was a ton of fun- it was our weekend getaway to "El Quisco", which is a Chilean coastal town. Despite it being on the Hello from Santiago! As I sit down to write this post, it is the last week of our time here in Chile and the students are busy preparing for their We have been busy learning, doing, exploring, and adventuring over here in Santiago!

Everyday has been packed from morning until night, but with lots of relaxation and down time built Skip to main content.

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Global Entrepreneurship. Until next time!

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Location: Chile, Santiago Chile, Valparaiso.