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Helena bought a stethoscope just so she could check in on you and she quickly grabs it. Keywords: queendom, domina helena, female domination, femdom, swallowed, whole, eaten, alive, shrunk, ass smothering, ass squishing, bubble butt, human furniture, barefoot, trample. Mistress Kawaii has been having a blast slowly crushing and destroying her most recent condemned male.

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Ask it above. Adult Erotica. She lives the dream life until her scheme to siphon millions from Tupolev's empire is discovered. Not a man to be messed with, Dimitri chooses to punish BBW Elaine in ways that she could never have anticipated. Contains full and anal sex and mild breath-play. Today he wore his tunic. Darius's hair was long, black, and wavy, brushed back from his high forehead.

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He was clean-shaven; the beard he wore on ceremonial occasions was in his hand. It was made of finely knotted black silk. He looked at his beard and then placed it gently on the seat of the throne. It almost sounded like pity, and I looked at him sharply. So did Darius. For a second his eyes flashed, and I saw a glimpse of the king he'd been. They talked about the battle, verbally dancing around each other like fencers. Neither gave the other any advantage, but there was an undercurrent of sadness in Alexander that I could not fathom.

Darius was puzzled as well, because after an awkward silence, he motioned toward the table where a tray of fruit sat. They're fresh. I imagine you've been living off dried ones during the march. Alexander said, "No thank you.

Darius nodded. How's Statiera? She's ruling Babylon. He looked surprised. And your mother? It was either that, or kill her. Darius froze. I held my breath. He turned his head very slowly and looked at me for the first time. He had long-lashed, honey-brown eyes. Vanity prompted him to line them with kohl, making them appear even larger and more brilliant. His face was dark and his eyes were lighter than his skin, like a lion's eyes.

And like a lion he blinked and looked away from my gaze. He squeezed it appraisingly and then put it back in the bowl. Ebooks and Manuals

His body was all flowing lines and muscle. I couldn't help admiring his physique. I looked at Alexander who nodded once. I drew a deep breath. A shudder ran through his body. When he spoke his voice was broken. I gave him to a caravan going east. He'll be in Bactria in the spring. The babe is marked by the goddess.

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He'll come to no harm. I put my hand on Alexander's arm to steady myself. He sighed and then looked at me at last. She was going to sacrifice him. An oracle told her that the babe would be her downfall. In a way, I suppose it was true. However, my astrologer said that if the babe died I would lose everything that was dear to me. I love my daughter Statiera more than all the gold in this city.

And I love her more than my own life. How long do you think she would have lived if you had found out that your child had been sacrificed on the altar of Babylon's god? Now she is the Queen of Babylon. The babe is safe, but the prophecy said one more thing, Iskander, about you. I did.

I would have run out of the room, but Alexander caught my wrist. He bowed to Darius, and made me bow too, although Darius had his back to us and was staring out the window. Alexander knocked on the door, and Lysimachus let us out. He'll be trusting no one now. When I got outside the palace, I gulped the air. The atmosphere had been suffocating.

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Darius was doomed. I had hated Persepolis from the moment I'd entered it. Perhaps it was the emptiness of the city. No one had ever lived there.

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There were no women, no children, only Darius and the soldiers. Or maybe it was the pall of smoke that hung low in the sky. Thousands of men were clearing the bodies from the battlefield.

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The dead soldiers were being cremated, and the smell was ghastly. Darius had lost nearly half his army. The rest of Darius's men had either been absorbed into Alexander's army, or if they wouldn't swear allegiance, sent to the mines as slaves. Alexander brooded as we walked.

Book Reviews From a Professional Reader of Erotica

Several times he made as if to speak, but each time he fell silent. At first, I wondered if he were thinking about the men he'd lost, and their families' grief when the news arrived. Then I saw him looking at me out of the corners of his eyes, and I realized he was thinking about what Darius had said.

I reached out and touched his arm lightly, meaning to comfort him, but he flinched. It will do no good for you to go on sulking. He spun around and faced me, his eyes blazing.