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What are some of its enhanced features?

Download the new ABC7 News app!

Watch live streaming video of newscasts and breaking news as it happens right on your phone. Check out what's happening in your neighborhood, state, country and around the globe.

Weather reports you can depend on including your 7-day forecast and video forecast. Check traffic before you hit the road with our up-to-the-minute real-time traffic maps.

And you'll still receive breaking news and video push notifications when news happens that affects you! Keep in mind, the old ABC7 news app has gone away, so if you want to keep up with all the latest news, weather and traffic, you'll need to download the new app!

Best News Apps For iPhone And Android Smartphones

It's free for your iPhone or Android device. Just go to abc7news.

Related topics: technology internet kgo about abc7 page news android iphone apple cellphone smartphones apps. Do the Following steps in command prompt or terminal: Open the newsproject folder using a text editor.

Here are some of the best apps for getting news updates on Indian matters

The directory structure should look like this. In views, we create a view named index which takes a request and renders an html as a response.

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Firstly we import newsapi from NewsApiClient. If you like GeeksforGeeks and would like to contribute, you can also write an article using contribute.

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