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I never intended to become involved with the building or its vengeful, dead inhabitant. A sharp knock in the middle of the night awakens Henri and Aline. They discover on their doorstep a swaddled baby with only a mysterious ring wrapped in her blankets. They decide to keep their find a secret and tell the world she is theirs, not knowing that every secret comes at a price.

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They name her Rose. Five teens from across the world discover shared hidden powers and a deadly mission. All they have in common is a mysterious, powerful gem. On a life-changing journey, they discover untold powers hidden within them. The Five Shields must fight to free the lost souls before it is too late. But first they must defeat sinister, dark forces hell-bent on their total destruction. If the Shields succeed, light will triumph; if they fail, darkness will reign. Who will prevail? Amid the lovely roses and razor-sharp thorns, love tangles between beasts and beauties in the romantic tale that transcends time….

Five novels retell the classic story of Beauty and the Beast, each with its own twist. Meet a dark-elf prince, a dragonian princess, a brooding vigilante, mighty superheroes, and futuristic guards, and watch as Beast meets Beauty, falling in love across fantasy, science fiction, and romantic suspense. She has other plans to make the tenuous alliance work without the marriage—that is, until she begins to look beyond the sharp claws and fangs, slate-blue skin, ghostly white hair, and presumptions to see the beauty found within… But when Veron finds out about her plans, will betrayal end them, or will true love conquer all?

In the Garden of Gold and Stone by Ryan Muree Compassionate and dutiful Nida anxiously awaits the day her new sisters hatch in their temple sanctuary. But without a human male, that day will never come. Eye of the Beholder by Emily Allen West Band-manager Rose flees her stalker ex to a mysterious island, hoping to find sanctuary with her cousin. But what she does find is a walled-off rich vigilante fighting a human-trafficking ring… and fighting to be himself again after his mind and body have been ravaged by war.

Will he lose that battle, or will love break down the wall between them and save them both? With the clock ticking down and few allies to help, their lives—and their deal—only becomes more complicated when Heather and her teammate Courtney begin to fall for two gang members.

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The Blooming by Katherine Bennet New guard Sophia will do what it takes to protect her country—except lose her father. Little does he know she has no intention of quitting. When their team is ambushed on a mission, Niko and Sophia must work together to save their team and expose the enemy that betrayed them. Enter to win a new Kindle Paperwhite! So, who writes all of these posts to the blog? The Kindle Books and Tips blog has a simple purpose: to provide an interactive blog where you will receive tips to maximize your Kindle experience.

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Young Areenna of Freemorn is just beginning to discover her powers when she is called to a place from which few ever return. Mikaal of Tolemac, the son of the High King holds a secret so dangerous it could shatter the fabric of the world should it become known. With the safety of the world in their hands, and their powers young and erratic, will Mikaal and Areenna find the courage and strength to overcome the impossible, or… Click here to pick up your free copy of Born To Magic in the Amazon Kindle store.

Book Description: I live next to a haunted house. Book Description: Imagine discovering a baby with a mysterious gem on your doorstep! Can the Five Shields save a world threatened by total darkness? Book Description: Amid the lovely roses and razor-sharp thorns, love tangles between beasts and beauties in the romantic tale that transcends time… Five novels retell the classic story of Beauty and the Beast, each with its own twist.

I am not sure if I have published this one on this blog before. But it is worth repeating. I still feel this exhaustion that I tried to express in this poem. There is an age-old exhaustion in survivors.

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You cannot imagine what it takes out of you to be on high alert continuously because danger is your normal. You cannot imagine what it takes out of you when nightmares haunt you night by night. There is the gentle one weeping.

There is the little one scared. There is the creative one making sense. There is the mad one losing control.

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There is the sensible on coordinating… BUT what are their names? Continue reading Poem of the Day: Gathering. They stand strong against the Dark Knights. One by One they hold up their shields: The angry one holds up desire; The gentle one holds up love; The little one holds up grief; The creative one holds up hope; The mad one holds up rage; The sensible one … Continue reading Poem of the Day: Shields.

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