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The Section frequently coordinates interagency and multi-district investigations and international enforcement efforts. The Section assists prosecutors, regulators, law enforcement and the private sector by providing training, advice and other assistance. The Section, often in a leadership capacity, participates in numerous national, regional and international working groups.

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To fulfill its mission, the Fraud Section seeks to build and enhance its most valuable resources by maximizing opportunities for its dedicated professionals. By providing direct supervision, training and mentoring for its attorneys and other professionals, the Section seeks effectively to develop the knowledge, skills and judgment required to fulfill its unique and important mission. Fraud Section Year in Review. Apr 26, Drunk Patriarchy. Ann: This week we are sharing with you some excerpts from our recent live show in Washington, D.

It is a super newsy and political chat in vintage CYG conversational fashion. Aminatou: We love a vintage CYG. Aminatou: Well one note before we start, the show definitely happened before you're listening to it and we talk about California congresswoman Katie Hill. In the less than week since we recorded this episode she has resigned from Congress.

We'll get into that complicated story in just a few minutes. Ann: But for now grab some Skittles and pretend you're hanging out with us live.

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Hope to see you again on the road next year. Ann: A podcast for long-distance besties everywhere and here in Washington, D. Ann: And I'm Ann Friedman, and on our agenda tonight the people who are really speaking truth to power and the people who are trying to rewrite history. The candidates ranked by their level of corniness. And how to spot a fake beauty review. There was a BBC headline that was like "Butt Dial" in air-quotes but them it also led me to see some new like news photos that accompany this story in a funnier light because obviously they don't have photos of Rudy Giuliani's butt coming down on a cell phone.

And so the art is always like [Laughter] him with a phone to his face and I'm just like the whole world is calling Rudy Giuliani a buttface right now and I love it. Aminatou: I know. Also one of these people that's been in your consciousness for so long and you're like ugh, you were evil when I was a kid. You're evil now. I hope you go to jail, fingers crossed. But truly it's just names that I hate that we all know and we know him, but the fraud is iconic so it's fine. It's fine. That's kind of the issue. I also realized reading up this is not the first time he has butt dialed this reporter.

It's not even like the first butt dial of consequence. It's not the first butt dial where he's like "Give us all the money. Like he's just -- you know what I'm saying? Ann: He's crying for help? Aminatou: Yes. I just think that, you know, in the many ways your body can touch the phone and call someone it would be remarkable that you call the same person multiple times.

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Ann: I don't know. Anyway, I mean who -- who is the person that you're most likely to butt dial? Aminatou: So I butt dialed someone this week actually. Well it was mostly -- it was an elbow dial and I didn't know and I was doing work and I just heard my phone just saying like "Who is this?

Who is this? And I had called the lady at my dentist so. I'm sorry to this woman. Ann: Right. Aminatou: It's fine.

Ann: Well I feel like it's always -- like my phone, it does whoever is alphabetically first and it's obviously. I could definitely be okay with butt dialing you frequently. You could listen to a three-minute voicemail of what's happening at most points in my life and I would not die, right? Like it would be okay. Aminatou: I'm not your number one person you butt dial which is not hurting my feelings but I'm processing. My butt is not making choices about this. Ann: What else is happening? Ann: Go to jail, this man.

Anyway, maybe it's just me.

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Go on. Aminatou: Well, you know, the thing about this -- it's funny. It's like all of these vintage bad people. You know, the other thing that is so fascinating about this news cycle, again, it's just that it's just these -- yeah, it's like people that are always around, always doing like questionable things.

And so it's also really interesting to watch history get rewritten as it's happening which time doesn't mean anything in this administration. And so I have been thinking a lot about this Nancy Pelosi photo that everyone was like "Yes girl"-ing about. Hold your woo.

You know, she's pointing her finger at Ivanka's dad. The other men are all ashamed.

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And I'm like you know, I'm old enough that I remember that even a couple weeks ago [Laughter] you were even telling, hmm, women of color who are your colleagues that, you know, this is not how politics works. You're not supposed to do this. And that is very frustrating to me because the hypocrisy jumped out. I think it's also like a rewriting of the fact that hmm, mere weeks ago Nancy Pelosi was not. This has been the span of like what, four weeks? Not even. And so it's just -- it's interesting to me to watch all of this happen.

And then I'm also remembering this terrible CNN headline that happened a couple of weeks ago where I was truly shocked where there was this big story on CNN about the five freshmen congressmen who are changing history by becoming the leaders on impeachment. And literally I'm like who are these people? Obviously I'm being a little tongue-in-cheek but I think that when I think about the women who have been called the squad and all of the heat that they take for always being first and for shaking the table it's just interesting to see how that gets whitewashed in real-time.

And so these five women, they also have a nickname. What's their group chat called? Aminatou: Yes, I'm going to make you say it.

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  • Ann: Badasses? Aminatou: You know, like squad is also not a great name but I'm not responsible for that branding so. Ann: We're not responsible for any of this branding, let's be clear. Aminatou: We're not responsible for any of this branding. But I just think -- it's like the way the media does these stories is really. I keep saying the word interesting because that's my Midwest, nice way of not wanting to say what I want to say but it is shady. Ann: Yeah. Well I think there is something going on too which is that the people who were right all along that high crimes are happening were dismissed in the early days -- many of them women of color -- were dismissed as sort of being outrageous or premature.

    It bears mentioning that like Maxine Waters took so much heat for this March tweet. And it's one of those things where I'm like I guess I'm happy you're here now.