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I heard a sound. So Soothing. Hot water deeper than the length of my hand. Three false candles illuminate the darkness. Like a dealer with cards Pandora shuffles. Ending the night.

I will end your night if you happen to forget about the way I look at dusk I will twist your fingers the way your tongue twisted inside of me The open wall that you touch with the tip of your tongue I won't wait for long. La Siguanaba. Flip to the left, flip to the left All these girls blind me. I want a bad girl, I want a hot girl! Bumpy Start, Strong Finish. First date, forced and bad.

Drove her in his black chariot, Didn't talk at all, didn't like him at all. Second date, forced and awkward. Dinner at his black mansion,. From April showers. Im only truly awakened when your lips kiss my skin while your eyes peek through the window into the depths of my soul. So gentle. Feel my paradoxical, innermost thoughts pour from my scalp, cascading down my back in a raging waterfall as dark as my eyes. The Awakening. Everything that Glitters. I am a single particle of soil.


I am soiled. I am dirty. A Conversation With Death. I found him sitting in the shadows off the. You are the apple Highest on the tree. I've been waiting For you to fall for me. You are the air That I always breathe ; Smelling like nature And love indeed! Invisibly in Love. The heart follows the flow collecting grip of each artery and capillary. The silent drum pacing a beat like a cloud staying still. Will it ever be still? With the smooth blood flow,. At The North. I knew there was life inside that box. A box on each side, colored in red, blue and white with fifty stars in the top left corner.

It so happened I fell inside it, gracefully landing to the halls of smiles,. Plucking little white flowers, I twirled them between my fingers. AW [Rewritten].

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Moonlight shines bright; white like the stars on Ole Glory. Dark blue firmament resembles Her for field. Spattered are my clothes with red matching Her strips.

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As in the aftermath of battle there is an unnatural calm. Changes sweep through my fog. Their light so bright. It only reflects into the ethereal distance. If the world would only use the dimmer switch. Please turn in the low beams!!! When beauty shows itself in this world. My mind always defaults to her. Octogenerians holding hands A chem trail fading with the sun..

Honeybees Bursting in fields of gold Ripples of jasmine filled the warm air. Love or Lust?

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Camel's Hump. Waves crash gently upon the shore as the tide roles in-n-out. Wind rustling the leaves of the trees.

Close, open eyes. Zeus on the loose. Zeus went here, there and around He went anywhere to reverse his frown The year is and so downward he lept To find where all the happiness was kept. Within Me. Larkspur, a beautiful, lovely fragrant flower thou art with other flowers I compare. How Winter Came To Be. Catch quick a cold, succumb to a fever Latch quick to a lover, create snowflakes in the ether That's how winter came to be She, a farmer's daughter in August He, an executive in Necropolis.

Fiery Deception by: Jaay Dee Kayy. If I confuse his lies with faith, and let my soul be his to claim, That's gasoline in the water that leads to the fruitful tree and then the branches will burst into flames; Confusing light for the pale horse,. Unintended Prime. She was at the beach today. It was one of those Hawaiian spots. The secret one that no one knows.

Needless to say it was packed. Everything was very very Aloha. Among Us. The gods are still among us, Hiding in plain sight Athena marches with others, Protesting to have equality for all Apollo accompanies everyone, His music blasting through earbuds. My intoxication. The taste of insanity it remembers so vividly, my flesh, my strings my bones, my veins. Anything is great with my trusty old hammer. Norse god a great help, Everything with his old tool, Mjolner it is!

Read PDF The Ironic Bitterness of Sterling A Browns Sam Smiley

Suicide Madness. Is that the best that he can do? On her side of the bed. The grain on the flooring flows smoothly much of time.. Sitting in a rocker , she likes to while away the time. Squeaking Hinges. The hinges are rusted and squeal with each wind gust. The adolescent boys hatred is locked in his jaw. The Sisyphus in each of us Acrostic.

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Since the widespread industrialization In every town and home Someone is chained to their life. Could I find it in myself to write my heart desire without stumbling upon this fascinations about my than life, why don't I realise my potential but I do to which extend can I pull myself too wards the were I'd love to be, always this panick of pa. Le Monde en Feu. Oh, how quick they were to try and suffocate the flames On the sacred, seasoned, sanctuary known as Notre Dame.

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  4. Oh, how the people stared and sobbed and frowned and asked God why. What God has Given Us. By: Emily Riggs May 28th, , was the day my heart began to beat for you, the one and only time I felt the truth. As days went by, I fell for you more, you were always there to adore. Welcome To My Life. The Inspiring Moment.