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Once the woman was stabilized, a high angle rope rescue system was set up with the assistance of three participating fire departments. Back at the top of the cliff, a UTV brought the woman to a waiting ambulance. The dog was raised with ropes by the fire departments and turned over to family members. The woman was transported by ambulance to an area hospital for treatment.

The incident concluded by 8 pm. Be Prepared: Properly prepare and plan before entering the backcountry. Stories under the Almanack's Editorial Staff byline come from press releases and other notices. To have your news noticed here at the Almanack contact our editor John Warren at adkalmanack gmail. How do I receive Adirondack Almanac Email newsletters? I have a current subscription to the Adirondack Explorer. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

Tuesday, October 1, Related Stories. Editorial Staff Stories under the Almanack's Editorial Staff byline come from press releases and other notices. Tom Vawter says:. The techniques that the Salerno's have mastered took years to perfect and they share many of their secrets during this interview. Find out what works, what doesn't and how you can make it work for you! Feedback: Feedback BigBuckRegistry.

When you need to hunt to survive, you learn how to hunt efficiently and effectively. Phil Vanderpool's hunting journey began in a similar fashion. It's a story that starts years ago, with a small hunting cabin in southern Ohio. For Joe Godar, a member of a group called the Hunting Junkies, it's a home away from home now with a new cabin on the same 50 acre …. Per the QDMA Whitetail Report, hunters pursue whitetail deer more than any other species and whitetail hunters contribute financially more than any other hunter segment.

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Whitetails are the foundation of the hunting …. We've focused a bunch on the bow shot, but perhaps we over looked the long range rifle shot. Unless you've had the need to take a yard kill shot, …. There have been far more " non-typical bucks killed since the early s than ever documented before the year So what gives? Harmon credits his …. Hall might not be on the trigger most of the time, but he's hunting all the time. When he does hunt for himself, it's a quality over quantity kind of thing. These days J. So you want to book a whitetail hunt with an outfitter, but you don't know exactly where to start.

Maybe this is your first time or maybe you're rebounding from a horrible experience and you're attempting not to …. After 35 years of hunting and after burning out a camera man or two, there's no sign of Chuck Paddock hunting less. Chuck is a busy business man and is part owner of Open Season TV you may remember our interview on …. The Bearded Butchers, otherwise known as brothers Seth and Scott Perkins, grew up learning butchery as part of the family business butchering domestic livestock.

They carried their knowledge into the hunter's world by …. It's been 4 years since we last visited with our friends at Major League Bowhunter. Every conversation we've had with their crew has lead to some …. The arborists are probably the first to harness the power of the tree harness, but what about the rock climbing community? According to Greg Godfrey from the tree harness company Tethrd, we need to give credit to each. It's hard to imagine that a bicycle would have anything to do with deer hunting.

For years we've relied on our vehicles- our trucks and our ATVs and ….

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We continue our podcast mini-series of hunting technology on this episode with the cellular game camera. Long gone are the days of film game ….

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Remember when maps were on paper? We use to spend money on paper topo maps and put a thumbtack on that map to represent a deer sighting, effectively …. By now in your hunting career you've probably used a game camera or two. As hunters we use game cameras to scout and gather information about deer …. On the last episode of Deer Hunt, we began our exploration of hunting technology with the Drury's new app called DeerCast.

We continue our series on …. In the first part of our 6 Part Series of Hunt Tech, where we explore the technology that has embedded itself in our hunting lives, we dive deep into …. Zach Ferenbaugh is an integral part of the media company The Hunting Public where he is helping to bring the masses unfiltered public land hunts from ….

But then you take a closer …. In Chris Cordell began a career as a professional deer hunter. Six one, pounds. That's where Dennis Pridgen weighed in 3. Today, pounds lighter, weighing in at a lean pounds, Dennis has found a rejuvenation for everything he loves, life and deer hunting. As Longfellow wrote in his infamous poem Paul Revere's Ride, "One if by land, two if by sea" describing the Redcoat's travel plans from Boston to ….

We've heard the expression 'Hunt the Wind' over and over. Many of us base our entire hunt on exactly that concept. But what if that was all wrong?

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Did your head just explode? Mine did when I heard this from Michael ….

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  6. Sometimes those kills shots don't go as planned or sometimes, despite a double lung shot, the deer finds it's way into terrain or structure that make the wounded deer track undetectable to the hunter. A trained deer …. Hunter recruitment is critical for our sport to survive. QDMA says that declining hunter participation is one of the single most important issues impacting deer hunting and management today. But what's to blame?

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    If you've ever watched hunting television, you're probably familiar with Ralph and Vicki Cianciarulo and their show Archer's Choice. This year in …. This time we discuss current deer related issues and trends like the legality …. White-tailed deer are arguably the most important game species in North America. Richard Bernier is one of those short list legendary deer trackers of the Northeast. He has devoted most of his life to tracking, studying, lecturing on, and hunting big Maine whitetail buck. The Northeast editor for ….

    There's always something special about a cup of coffee at deer camp. It can even be a crappy cup of coffee, but it still taste pretty darn good. But what if the coffee actually was good?

    And what if you knew that the …. A coyote is going to eat what it needs to eat.

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    It's kill when it needs to kill. An taking one coyote out of the pack, will save deer fawns. This time we explore tactical cyber scouting and mature buck bedding temperatures with Joshua Franks. Josh uses readily available …. Yes, we know this is the Big Buck Registry. Despite this show airing originally on April 1st, this is not a joke, …. As hunters, we don't consider poachers to be hunters. Sure the activities may look similar to the non-hunter, but there are vast differences in the approach of taking game. The obvious difference, is that a hunter …. Well, Bill is back.

    Bill has recently launched a new project called ….

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    4. Amongst your other desires, my guess is …. If the American Dream is to own your own house, then the American Hunter's dream is to own your own piece of hunting real estate. But to achieve that dream we are often faced with the burden of financing, credit, and …. For some reason central Vermont is home to arguably some of the best deer trackers in country, especially when you throw the Benoit Family into the mix. Rodney Elmer is not exception to this.

      I met up with Rodney at a ….